Shopware - Manage your orders

Order management in Lengow

Manage the marketplace orders (status change) from the "Orders" tab in Lengow Plugin.

  • Orders are only imported in Shopware only once their status has become "Waiting for shipment".
  • As the import of order in the Lengow plugin causes a decrement of the stock on the product ordered, no import is made at the status "canceled" and "refunded".
  • Once the order is imported, it will no longer be synchronized with the plugin.

Order management in Shopware

In the "Orders" tab of Shopware find all your orders with information at the top left indicating:

  • commands in error during the import
  • orders waiting for shipment
  • the date of the last synchronisation

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Synchronise orders

  • On the right side of this page, the "Synchronise orders" button allows you to import all the orders manually. For each command restart this import individually through the action column once the corrections are made for example. 
  • when you select an order from Lengow, a new block with all the Lengow information of the command will be displayed.

If necessary, you can change import settings for orders in the "Import settings" part in the plugin.





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