💡 Why is my feed in CSV format not displaying correctly in Excel?

The CSV file generated by Lengow is encoded in UTF-8 format.

It is therefore normal that special characters are poorly encoded when reading in Excel because Microsoft Excel does not know how to determine the encoding of a CSV file and always opens the file in ANSI encoding, so the text is not correctly readable after opening.

As a solution, and for a correct reading of your data in Excel, you can import the CSV (and not open it directly).

For this :

  • Click on the "Data" tab
  • Select "From Text/CSV" (see screenshot)
  • Choose the file then "Import"
  • and finally "Load".

The display of the file will then be correct.

excel csv.png

Alternatively, you may chose to use LibreOffice or OpenOffice to open a CSV file without encoding issues.


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