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In the “Orders” section, you'll find all of your orders and especially orders that have been transmitted through Lengow from the marketplaces.

Orders are automatically accepted and retrieved from the "waiting_shipment" status.
Every 30 minutes: automatic retrieval of orders updated in the last 2 days.
Lengow advice
Look for the "Lengow" keyword to display all the orders coming from Lengow.
  • Find an order by searching for its number in the Shopify search engine
  • Search for "Lengow" to see all orders from Lengow

Click on the order. You will find details regarding the origin of the order and in the "Additional Information" block, the data that Lengow has recovered from marketplaces:

  • Marketplace name
  • Marketplace SKU
  • Whether the marketplace has managed to send it or not
  • ...


Actions made on orders

Actions taken on orders (send and cancel) in your Shopify backoffice are automatically transmitted to Lengow, then to the marketplace.

For marketplaces that accept it, the refund must be made from the Lengow platform ("Orders" tab).

To ensure that you have no orders in error, Regularly check the "Orders" section of the Lengow platform.

When an error is detected in your order (missing item in the delivery address, non-existent product variation, ...), its synchronization with Shopify cannot be completed. The order is not imported into your Shopify backoffice.

Orders in error are marked with a red banner and an exclamation mark on the order dashboard in your Lengow account. (image 1).

A message will inform you of the reason for the error in the order detail. Once the issue is fixed, synchronize your order again. It will appear in your Shopify backoffice. (image 2).




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