💡 How to add information in bulk using an additional source?

When you merge an additional source into a main catalogue, you DON'T have to use a unique product identifier as the reference field. 
This means that you can use an additional source to inject a value on multiple product lines at once.

For example, you could create a new field through an additional source to add the same value for each category, or each product type, each brand, etc. 

How to change the product identifier

When adding a new additional source, once the upload of the source is done, you will have the option to "change the product identifiers" (see screenshot):

zoom add source change id.png

You will then be able to select any field from your main catalogue as the reference field, instead of using the unique product ID:

zoom add source change id 2.png

Use case: quickly translating colors

In this example, your main catalogue contains the color of your products in French, but you need them in English as well.

Follow these steps to add the English colors in bulk using an additional source:

  1. Create a spreadsheet file (in CSV format) with the correspondance between French and English for all the colors present in your catalogue. The colors in French must be written exactly as they are in your catalogue for the match to work.

    add source ex color (1).png

  2. Add this additional source to your main catalogue.
    As seen in the previous section, once your file is uploaded, click on "I need to change the product identifiers".
  3. Select as your product identifier on this source the field containing the values already existing in your catalogue, i.e. the colors in French in this case ("Couleur FR"). 
    And choose the reference field where these values are present in your main catalogue, i.e. the "Couleur" field in this example.
    By associating these two fields, Lengow will be able to make the correspondance.

    add source color field.png

  4. Click on "Add my source".
  5. Based on your additional source, Lengow has now created a new field in your main catalogue named "Couleur EN", which contains your colors in English:

    new field add source.png

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