💡 How to update my current additional source if it is in CSV/XML/TXT format?

Updating your additional source allows you to update and add new attribute information (to feed your catalogue in Lengow), but does not allow you to add new products.

As files in CSV,XML or TXT format deposited in Lengow as spreadsheets cannot be updated automatically, you need to deposit a new similar file to update it. Tip: other import methods are available.

Important: to update an additional source, the new version must have the exact same file name as the as the one that has already been imported into Lengow.

There are two ways to update your current additional source:

1st Method - Update it in the Catalogue section

  1. Click on your Lengow Catalogue, and click on the "update button"



  2. Drag and drop your additional source file to import it (or use the Browse option).
    As indicated, the new file name should be identical.
    Note: If it is a CSV file, the expected format is "CSV UTF-8".


  3. Finally, click to launch the update (see screenshot above).

2nd method- Update it in the "Additional Source" section

  1. Click on your Lengow Catalogue (as in the 1st method)
  2. Go to the "Additional sources" section and click on the file you wish to update.


  3. Choose the "spreadsheet file" option and click on the "File to import"
  4. Look for the file to import and save it. As indicated, the new file name should be identical.


  5. Select the main product identifier for your additional source and save your source.


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