Channel settings

Before sending your catalogue to the channel, set the various options.  

How to access?

"Channels" tab > Choose a channel > "Settings" > "Settings"

This section is only displayed for marketplaces and Google via API.
Only settings compatible with your channel's functioning mode is visible.


To best refine your statistics in Lengow, enter your costs for the channel.

If the "subscription/fixed cost" field is available and you aren't subject to this expense, leave the field blank or fill in 0.

 The costs entered here are never sent to the channel.  


So that Lengow automatically accepts your orders from marketplace, activate automatic order acceptance.  

Be careful

If you activate this option, you must be sure that you can fulfill all the marketplace orders.

API identifier / Channel account

For Channels operating via API or FTP repository, enter here the identifiers sent by the Channel. If this is not the case, contact your Channel account manager to obtain them or consult the dedicated " Channel Guide " for the procedure to follow.  


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