EAN Matching

Choosing to use the "EAN matching" method allows you to map and therefore directly link your offers (your prices and stock, retrieved from your catalog data) to the already existing products of the marketplace.

This saves you from having to create a product file which would require more settings (adding a description, images, titles, etc...)

 On Lengow, the main prerequisite is to complete the category mapping

✅ Additional prerequisites are specific to each channel. For example, mandatory attributes must be completed (marked by a red asterisk *). 

Note: EAN matching is different from an integrator switch. If you already created your own products on the marketplace and are now sending them through Lengow, this is not EAN matching, as you remain the creator of the product content. You should thus continue to provide the same data as previously (SKU, title, description, etc.).

Find below the marketplaces who accept to receive offers via an "EAN matching" setting, and their technical requirements in Lengow:

If EAN matching is not mentioned in a marketplace guide, it means we don't have specific information the subject. Don't hesitate to contact your marketplace account manager.


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