Categories mapping

How to access it?
"Channels" tab > Choose a channel > "Settings" > "Categorize your products"

Map the categories of your product catalogue (sorted in alphabetical order) with the channel categories.

A correct categorisation of your products is:

  • part of good product referencing on the channels (search filters, ...)
  • an essential step to display your products on a majority of channels
  • recommended for channels that don't make this step obligatory

If your product doesn't fit perfectly to a category, find the "broader" category.
Example: I don't find "dining table", I choose the category "Table".

If your list of categories is not displayed in the "Categories" section, it is because it is not mapped at the catalogue level
If the "Categories" section is not present, it is because it is not required by the channel.

How to map categories

Follow these instructions to map your categories with the channel's categories:

  1. Click on a category in your product catalogue on the left.
    The channel categories will appear on the right.
  2. Select the channel category that best mapes your product catalogue category.
    Choose a category and map it with the corresponding category from the channel category panel on the right.
    The category tile then turns green. If you selected a category without mapping it to the channel category, the tile will then be highlighted in orange. 
    Repeat this action until all the products in your catalogue category have been placed in one of the channel's categories.
  3. If needed, use the search bar to quickly find a channel category.
  4. Identify the categories without mapping by checking the "unassigned" box.
    The progress bar informs you of the category mapping coverage. The color changes depending on the mapping coverage. The bar turns green when the mapping coverage exceeds 90%.


Lengow Tips

Lengow may identifies itself similar categories. When a catalogue category is selected (on the left), suggestions appear on the right, above the channel's categories list. To avoid any feed issue, only one category must be chosen.

Once the catalogue is published, return to this step if you add new categories to your product catalogue to complete the "Categories mapping".

Access our helpcenter and reach extra information by clicking on the "Get Help" button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Access the catalogue preview by clicking on the "View catalogue" button.

If a category corresponds to several channel categories

A category in your products catalogue may be broader than the corresponding categories on the channel's side. 

Example: In my product catalogue, I have a “Men > Shoes” category, which includes all shoe types.
The categories offered by the channel are more specific than the one in my catalogue:
- “Men > Shoes > Trainers"
- “Men > Shoes > Derby shoes”
- “Men > Shoes > High-Tops”
- ...

In such a case, Lengow offers the option to fine-tune the categorization by splitting up your category, in order to distribute your products into several channel's categories. 

How to split a category:

  1. Select the catalogue category you want to split.
  2. Select a default channel category for this catalogue category.
  3. Then, click on “split category” and “add a new condition”.
  4. Select the channel category where you need to assign part of your products ("Move my products into" section).
  5. And apply a condition (rule) to select these products(more info on conditions here). Example: When "title" contains "Boots".
  6. Click on "Save condition" to finalize the category split.



categ split.png

Repeat this action if you need to assign other products to a different channel's category.

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