Automatic order acceptance

What is it?

When an order is placed via a marketplace, is Lengow status is automatically updated to "Awaiting acceptance." You then need to either:

  • "Accept" the order: it will then move to the "Awaiting dispatch" status; or
  • "Reject" the order: it will then move to the "Cancelled" status.

This step may be automated by activating automatic order acceptance.

This allows you to:

  • save time by automatically updating the order status to "Awaiting dispatch."
  • import orders into your e-commerce back office without taking any action within Lengow if you use one of our modules or our web service.
Note: If automatic order acceptance is activated, the maximum permitted delay between importing the order into Lengow and updating the status to "Awaiting dispatch" is one hour.
How to access? 
  • By channel : "Channels" tab > Choose a channel > "Settings" > "Final settings" > "Orders"
  • Dashboard : Click on your avatar at the top right of the platform > "Company settings" > "Orders" > "Order acceptation"

acceptation auto EN.png

How does it work?

To accept orders automatically, activate the option for each channel:

  • Green: the option is active;


  • Grey: the option is inactive.


Warning: When activating this option, ensure that you can fullfil every order that is placed.

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