Orders - Modification of the shipping and/or billing address

The order edit option is only available if:

When importing an order into your e-commerce platform (Prestashop, Magento, etc.), an error may occur if the format of the shipping/billing address is incorrect : special character, name or address too long, etc.

In Lengow, you can modify the shipping and/or billing address of an order, allowing you to re-import it without error. 

Where to find the modification option

Go to the Orders tab, and open the order detail of the order you wish to edit. 

If the edit option is available for this order, two buttons will be present under the shipping address: "Edit shipping address" and "Edit billing address".
Note: the option is not available if the order includes several products with different shipping addresses. In such a case, contact our Support team.  

order modif V2 1.png

To start editing the shipping address or the billing address, click on the corresponding button.
The format error is often present for both addresses, so you may need to make adjustments on both addresses. 

Modification of the shipping address

In the edit panel, the shipping address is displayed as provided by the marketplace.

Modify this address as needed to correct the error encountered by your e-commerce platform:

  • If the name or the address is too long, it can be split into several fields. For example, cut part of the address and paste it in the "Second line address" field. 
  • If special characters are blocking the order's import, remove or replace them. For example, replace the sign "&" with the word "and". 

Note: If you made a mistake before saving the changes, you can click on the "Reset to original details" button to display the original shipping address.
After saving changes, the original values can not be reset.

Once your modification is done, tick the box of the GDPR law disclaimer and click on "Save manual changes". 

When the order is imported again in your e-commerce platform, check that the error isn't present anymore. 

order modif V2 2.png

Will this edit be overwritten?

At the next synchronizations of your order, Lengow will check if the address sent by the marketplace has evolved since your edit:

  • If the address remains identical, Lengow will keep your edited version.
  •  If the address is different from the original address and your order is in "New", "Waiting acceptance" or "Accepted" status, Lengow will overwrite your edit and update the address. 

Modification of the billing address

In the edit panel, the billing address is displayed as provided by the marketplace.

The instructions are the same as those given in the previous paragraph for the shipping address.

order modif V2 3.png

Identifying a modified order

In the main orders list, edited orders are marked with an "Edited" tag:

edited tag.png

In the order detail, an blue information box informs you that the address has been modified:

order modif V2 4.png


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