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How to access? "Channels" tab > Choose a channel > "Settings" > "Categorise your products"

What is it?

In the "Categories Matching", the "Categories Suggestion" simplifies this step by suggesting channel's categories that may match to categories of your catalog. 

This tool doesn't select the category for you, it only suggests the more accurate one. You sill have to match and validate each category you want to display.

How does it work?


When you select a category from your catalog (on the left), a green "Suggested Categories" insert followed by suggestions appears on the right, above the channel's categories list, when Lengow identifies similar categories.


Lengow suggests at most three categories that we find relevant. Beyond that we feel it is safer for you to make your choice manually.

Click on the suggestion of your choice or use the search bar to select the appropriate category for your products.

How are categories suggested?

Several criteria are taken into account to suggest a category:

  • Similarity between two taxonomies: You have already done the "Categories Matching" for this catalog on a channel which is using the same taxonomy. 
  • Knowledge gained: The feature couples categories from your catalog to categories from channel's thesaurus using expertise acquired by Lengow.
  • Syntax and structural analysis of catalog categories: It is mainly based on keywords used to form categories, but also on the structure of your taxonomy (using breadcrumbs).

Lengow Advice

"Categories Matching" is an important step to correctly reference your products in the tree structure of the channel. Make sure to select the most suitable category for your products. If one of your categories include products in more than one category of the channel, refine the categorization with one or more rules.

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