Facebook Store Traffic Objective


What is it?

This type of feed allows you to create local Facebook ads and display them to people nearby to encourage traffic to your stores. Facebook calls this "Store Traffic Objective" on its official documentation

If you have multiple shops, you must create several flows in Lengow because a Shop ID is requested.

How does it work?

This type of feed is very similar to Facebook's Dynamic Ads feed in terms of settings, but it offers two additional attributes to complete:

  • retailer_item_id: A unique identifier for each product (which can be a variant). If a Dynamic Ads feed already exists in Lengow then the ID must correspond to the Product ID field in the Dynamic Ads feed.
  • store_code The ID of the store where the product is available.

The other attributes are optional but necessary for correct integration of your data. It is therefore important to complete them as best as possible.

  • price: Price of the item in a given store. Same format as normal Dynamic Ads feed.
  • availability: Availability of the item in the given store. Values are imposed.
  • quantity: Number of items available in the given store.
  • sale_price: Sale price of the item for the given store

Best Practices

For the availability attribute: If not set, the product is understood as available (in stock) for the given store. If the item is not available in the given shop, it is not necessary to provide it in the feed, we advise you to exclude it, otherwise to indicate it out of stock.


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