Only existing users of the allegro marketplace in Lengow have access to this channel.
Please note that no future updates or new features will be added.

To distribute your products on allegro, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required by Lengow.

Allegro now requires that for some categories you have a minimum % of your offers assigned to an existing product on the marketplace.

If you do not meet this condition, you might be unable to list new offers in those categories.

Read about productization below for details of the concerned categories.


Since 2019, Allegro has been grouping all offers pointing to the same product thanks to EAN code or Allegro product ID.

  • They're calling it "Productization".

The aim is to give customers a better experience to find the right product and the best offer easily. As a result, your offer will be grouped and included in the list of offers presenting the product.Allegro requires, that at least 50% of your offers be assigned to a product in the categories mentioned below

  • Culture and Entertainment,
  • Beauty,
  • Fashion
  • Kids
  • Home and Garden,
  • Supermarket
  • Health
  • Electronics
  • Sports and Tourism,
  • Company and services
That at least 30% of your offers be assigned to a product in the categories mentioned below  
  • Automotive

In Lengow, make sure to complete the EAN code attribute if you know it or product ID for these categories.

Review this file to verify which sections of the categories Allegro is requesting 1% of the offers assigned to a product.  

More info on grouping offers in Allegro's documentation.
Allegro wants to enable this offers association with a product in as many categories as possible, but the specificity of the sold items not always allow it.

EAN Matching

If you know that an active offer related to your product exists in Allegro's database then provide : 

  • the EAN number (or product ID)
  • price
  • quantity

An active offer means that the category of your product exists with the same EAN code. Make sure your have matched the correct category in Lengow before completing the attributes above.     

Nevertheless, mandatory product fields still have to be completed in Lengow structure in order to make product feed valid for Lengow.

Add a channel catalogue

Add a allegro channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

All the data in your catalog must be sent in Polish (titles, description, etc.) to display on this marketplace.

We recommend defining a Segment within your product catalogue to only configure and send the products you want to publish on this channel.

Complete Attributes Matching

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on fields definitions. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules. For fields with valid values, select the suggested value or match with your products catalogue values.

Some fields are mandatory and must be completed. Other fields are optional but allegro recommends you to fill them in to improve your products visibility.

1. Set up special offers

It is possible to set promotions prices via Lengow. You can use the "promotion" attributes to indicate your wish to have a "bold" title on your ads, or a highlight etc...

  • promotion-highlight: Complete this attribute to have your offer listed with blue background (see image 1).
  • promotion-bold: Complete this attribute to display your ads with bold title (see image 2).
  • promotion.Departmentpage: If you select this option, your offer will be featured on the page of a department (e.g. Consumer electronics, Home and Health, etc.) where you are listing your offer. The offer will be displayed in a dedicated gallery of promoted offers. The gallery will present a thumbnail, price and title of your offer. Buyers will be redirected straight to your item page.
It is also possible to send "promotional campaigns" to display badges on your products (see image 3).
The attributes to be completed in Lengow start with the prefix "badge":
  • Badge campaign name: Indicate the name of the campaign you created in Allegro
  • Badge campaign - market price: The price of the product that will be crossed out on the offer. Mandatory for a DISCOUNT campaign
  • Badge campaign - market currency: the currency of the crossed out price
  • Badge campaign - promotional price: The promotional price of the offer.
  • Badge campaign - promotional currency: the currency of the promotional price Badge campaign - max items
Example: To set the badge name "NEW" on your products follow this setting
  • Badge campaign name = NOWOŚĆ
Badge list is available on Allegro's official documentation.
Please note that if you modify your prices during a campaign, the badge will be removed.
Summer Sale 2021
Summer sales period on Allegro runs from June 14th to 27th. You can submit your offers from 3 PM (CET) on June 7th.
To join the campaign you have to offer a 10% discount minimum, and you'll get a unique "lato cen" badge (charged by Allegro).
For more information, contact your Allegro account manager.
Before setting up your promotional campaign information in Lengow to obtain a badge on your products, make sure you are eligible by the marketplace.
Please note that using the promotion and badges attributes may require extra fees from Allegro. Promotion fees have been specified in a relevant table in Appendix no.4 in the Terms and Conditions of Allegro






2. Delivery methods & costs

  • ID of the shipping rates your set in Allegro backoffice. Free shipping option can be set in Allegro in "Free shipping section". More info here.
    It can be difficult to find the ID of values you've created in your Allegro back-office, please read this step to know how to do it.
  • handlingTime: (mandatory) Estimated time for delivery

3. Variations

You can create Multi-variant offers on Allegro by combining multiple offers of the sames product with some different parameters (usually color, size, or weight).

Multiple variant offers enable buyers to choose their preferred color or sizes without the need to jump between offers or sellers, hens leading to higher customer retention.
These offers are also high on the listing. The number of clicks and purchases of each of the variants gets summed up and increases the overall of popularity.
Allegro allows variations on specific categories listed here.

Parent products must be excluded from the feed, if your products catalogue contains any.



4. July 2021 VAT legislation

In Lengow complete the "VAT Settings" field in the Attributes Matching.
This field is available at the Category Attributes level.

5. Other attributes

  • name

The title can contain a maximum of 50 characters. Focus on creating informative and relevant titles.

Avoid too many keywords (new, for sale, bonus etc..), or information about your location, invoice .. in the title
Note: The title cannot be changed after the first purchase. If you need to change it, you'll have to delete your offer (and loose all historical datas) and create a new one.
  • description
A good offer description should be in Polish and only describe the item you offer. Make an informative and attractive description by editing the text with HTML (mandatory)
You can use only the following HTML tags (source allegro): 

h1 - title
h2 - subtitle
p - paragraph
ul - unordered (bulleted) list
ol - ordered list
li - list item
b - bold

- the content must be placed in HTML tags. Only lowercase letters can be used in HTML tags

- You cannot further format the h1 and h2 tags

- you can use bold <b> </b>  in the following tags: <p> </p> , <ul> </ul> , <ol> </ol

- you can use the paragraph tag <p> </p> in the following tags: <ul> </ul> , <ol> </ol>

Photos can't be added in description using html code.

Don't add any information related to your policy return, warranties, contact details or shipping prices. Use the dedicated specific attributes to send this information. Also, don't add any links to external websites or suggest that buyers should contact you before making a purchase.

  • images
For images you can show the item itself with different background, packaging, brand, logotypes, color and pattern identification, certificates and numbers, graphic elements e.g a close-up, cross section, an arrow etc...
Don't add any store logos, or text.

6. Where to find id for values created in your allegro backoffice?


For the above fields, allegro expect an ID.

This ID is created by allegro when you create a value in your allegro back-office.

You cannot find this ID in your allegro account.

Therefore, Lengow invites to fill in the value you want to assign to your product/s in your Lengow account (in the Attributes Matching or with a Rule). The value which you indicates has to be exactly the same as the one you created in your allegro back-office (same case, same spelling).

Lengow will then match this value to the ID retrieved from your account via the allegro API, to send the corresponding allegro ID.

How to know if the matching has been done correctly?

If the value you've filled in in Lengow doesn't match with one of the value from your backoffice, the product will be in error. Please read the integration report and get back to the Attibutes Matching to change the value if necessary.

Manage exclusions

There is no offer restrictions for this marketplace. You can send all types of offers.

You need more info at this stage of your setup ?

Follow usual advices regarding Exclusions.

Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel at the "Preview" step.

Configure your Options

Make sure your shop and Allegro account are activated and click on "Connect to Allegro", Lengow will do the rest!


Launch the channel catalogue

After the first launch, two separate feeds will automatically be sent to allegro by API:

  • Products: it allows the integration and creation of products. It is sent every 4 hours.
  • Offers: it allows the update of prices, stock ... It is sent every hour.

Read Integration Reports

These reports list only items which were rejected by Allegro. For each product in error, Allegro specifies the reason for the rejection.

Integration reports are available and downloadable from Lengow in: "Channel" tab > select "Allegro" > click on "Activity"

Edit a product file

Check our usual guidelines to edit your data.

    • Edit "product data"
    • Edit "offer data" : Data is automatically updated as soon as the offer feed is sent out(the frequency is indicated at the "Launch the channel catalogue" step).

Stop advertising / Delete a product

To stop advertising an offer on allegro, please follow our advice:

  • If an item has no inventory left, the "Stock.available" field must be empty (create a rule to this effect when your stock is 0 or less), as no inventory value should be sent to Allegro for these listings.
  • Set the "Publication.status" attribute to "ENDED", and set the "Publication.endedBy" attribute to "USER" or "EXPIRATION".

Manage your orders

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform.

Lengow retrieves orders placed on allegro website every hour.

1. Order processing

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed.

2. Statuses of allegro orders

READY_FOR_PROCESSING ("waiting_shipment"): order is awaiting for shipment. At this status you can:

  • Confirm shipment, enter the carrier and the parcel tracking number/URL.
  • Cancel or refund the order (specify the reason for the refund).

SHIPPED: Order has been sent and shipment is in progress.

CANCELLED: order cancelled by merchant or customer.

REFUNDING : order is being refunded

REFUNDED: order has been refunded by merchant


Channel's news

Find here the latest changes/communications from the channel and what you have to do in Lengow:

30 May 2022 - Invoice options update
  • To sum up

When listing or editing an offer, regular accounts on Allegro will no longer have the option to select one of four options for the "payments.invoice" field. VAT, VAT_MARGIN and WITHOUT_VAT will no longer appear.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

- If you have a company account, you don't have to do anything.

- If you have a regular account:

  • Before May 30th, change your account status from "regular account" to "company account" to continue to choose one of four options as it has been possible until know.
    VAT - VAT invoice,
    VAT_MARGIN - VAT margin invoice,
    WITHOUT_VAT - invoice without VAT,
    NO_INVOICE - non-VAT invoice.
  • From May 30th, if you still use a regular account you will be able to choose only the "NO_INVOICE" option.

If no action is taken, new products will not be publish and offers will also not be updated.

  • Original message

From May 30th, 2022, if you have a regular account, you will not be able to list a new offer with the invoice option.

How does it work now?

When you list or edit an offer, you can select one of four options for the payments.invoice field:

VAT - VAT invoice,
VAT_MARGIN - VAT margin invoice,
WITHOUT_VAT - invoice without VAT,
NO_INVOICE - non-VAT invoice.
What will we change on May 30th, 2022?

If you have a regular account, we will remove the option to select VAT, VAT_MARGIN and WITHOUT_VAT. We will not change anything in the ongoing offers, but you will have to choose NO_INVOICE to:

edit an offer,
take advantage of automatic relisting of offers.
What can you do to continue invoicing customers?

Until May 30th, 2022, change the status of your account to the company.

02 May 2022 - Changes to category layout
  • To sum up

Allegro is making changes to the categoriy layout: 

- The "Antiques and Art" category is now divided into the categories "Design and Antiques" and "Pieces".
- The "Toys" category has a new sub-category "Magnetic Balls".
- The category "RTV and Appliances" has a new sub-category "Tobacco Heater".

The selling costs remain the same.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

Make sure to check your category mapping if you are affected by these changes.

1st March 2022 - Increase of Productization percentage
  • To sum up

allegro will increase the minimum rates for products grouped on a known offer. Make sure you meet the new conditions in order to be able to add new products to the relevant categories after 1 March.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

Make sure you send allegro, via your Lengow feed, as many EAN codes as possible for the products you wish to publish, in order to meet allegro's new expectations (see table below detailing the categories concerned and the associated rates).

  • Original message

On March 1st, 2022 we will increase the the percentage of offers connected to the Allegro Product Catalog in the following categories:


We want as many offers in those categories to be cataloged as possible. That is why we will start requiring offers to be linked to the Catalog in additional subcategories from March 1st.

If a seller will not meet this condition, it will be not available to list new offers in those categories, if current offers are not assigned to a product.

Note! We are planning for all newly listed and relisted offers to be linked to the Product Catalog at the beginning of the second half of the year.

See our guides where you can check:

how to search for products,
how to list an offer assigned to a product with one request,
how to assign product to an offer,
how to list an offer assigned to a product that is not in our database.

You can use GET /sale/offers with parameter to check which offers are not associated with a product.

February 2022 - offers without a shipping price list will be blocked
  • To sum up

allegro will not allow offers without a shipping price list anymore.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

You have nothing to do in Lengow, since orders management already require shipping price list to be filled in. Nevertheless, if you are managing orders from your allegro back-office, make sure you are meeting allegro's new requirement.

  • Original message

On February 22th, 2022, we will finish offers without a shipping price list. Allegro REST API does not allow you to list an offer without a shipping price list, but sellers still have such offers (listed in the past via the form and WebAPI).

You can search for active offers without a shipping price list via GET /sale/offers?


On February 8th, we will block the possibility of republishing offers without a shipping price list,
On February 22th, we will end all ongoing offers without a shipping price list.

20th January 2022 - Categories deleted
  • To sum up

The 20th of January, allegro will delete some categories from its taxonomy.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

In your Lengow account, go to the Category Matching from your allegro feed. Make sure all of your categories are matched with allegro taxonomy. Match the categories which would be unlinked.

  • Original message

According to our previous announcement, we would like to inform you that from January 20th, 2022, we will start merging next category duplicates on the seller side.

How to track category merging?
Use the category events journal - GET /sale/category-events. The "CATEGORY_DELETED" event indicates that the category has been removed, and in the "redirectCategory" field you will find the ID of the category with which the deleted category was merged.

How does merging categories affect offers and products?
We will make the parameters consistent in all merged categories, so offers and products will contain the latest data - sellers will not have to make any changes. Due to the fact that the change affects merging categories only on the seller’s side, buyers will be able to see offers in two different categories.[...]

October 2021 - 0 is no longer valid as product parameter
  • To sum up
Allegro is no longer accepting 0 (zero) as a valid value for some attributes. You now have to send 0,01 or 1 (depending of the product category/attribute).
The marketplace will no longer update your products for which 0 (zero) will be sent. 
Therefore, you have to adapt your values.
  • What you have to do in Lengow
Make sure you are not sending the "0" value for concerned allegro attributes. Have a look to the "Preview" step.
Use Rules to adapt values if needed.
  • Original message

Product parameters affect the quality of the seller's offers and make it easier to search for goods on Allegro. 

Therefore, to make them more readable, we have introduced changes to the numerical parameters. 
What change have we made?
In the selected parameters you can only provide a value greater than 0. 
The lower threshold varies depends on the type of parameter and it is: 
1 - for the parameters with integers (e.g. 5, 21, 100), 
0,01 - for the parameters of the so-called floating point (e.g. 0.5 or 2.95). 
How will this affect active offers? 
Offers without the correct mandatory parameter values will not be automatically renewed. You will find more information about this change on the sellers page
October 2021 - Productization for Automotive category

Starting from 1st of December 2021, at least 10% of offers from Automotive category must be assigned to a product. 
Read this step.

October 2021 - Delivery methods names update
  • To sum up
Allegro changes its delivery methods name. The 4th of October 2021.
This change will be replicated in Lengow API week 41.
  • What you have to do in Lengow
Nothing. Only labels are updated. Consequently there is no change to apply on your side.
  • Original message 
On October 4th, 2021, we will update the names of the delivery methods listed below, to be consistent with the other methods [...]
We will also make the notation of COD delivery methods more consistent: "pobranie" will always be written at the end of the method name, with a lowercase letter. The identifiers will remain the same. You will find more information about this change on the seller’s page.  

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