What is it?

The homepage of the Lengow platform now allows you to quickly check the activity of your catalogs, channels, and orders. It also allows you to access Netrivals homepage.

Visualize your activity, retrieve relevant information to manage your channels and adapt your sales strategy.

How does it work? 

You can see in your Lengow homepage:

  • The Solutions menu with a button to select "Products Syndication" or "Price Intelligence" powered by Netrivals.

  • The active catalog (s) with
    • the number of products
    • the date and time of the last import
    • in case of import error a notification is displayed (ex: Authentication of your catalog has failed ...)
    • the number of associated channels


  • The active channels with
    • the name of the channel + country used
    • the number of products sent (outgoing Lengow flow)
    • in case of error, the number of products in error
    • the name of the catalog used
    • the date and time of the last activity report received from the channel


  • The orders
    • in error, to accept, to ship, to refund
  • Statistics
    • Income
    • the number of orders
    • the number of clicks
    • the conversion rate
    • a graph
    • default filter is set on the last 7 days

Statistic block is not displayed if there are no statistics related to the account.


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