Connect our plugin to your Lengow account

The instructions below are to be carried out from your e-commerce platform.
For further details, please consult the guide dedicated to your platform.
Here are the global steps to follow to connect the Lengow plugin to your Lengow access:
  • Add the Lengow plugin to your e-commerce platform, then open it.
  • If you have not yet created a Lengow account, click on the "Sign up for free" link. Then follow the different steps required by the system and don't forget to activate your account.
  • Otherwise click on "Connect my Cms with Lengow" and fill in Lengow API Identifiers (access token and secret).
    You will find these information in your settings account, under the "A.P.I" section.  
  • Once connected to Lengow, a screen is automatically displayed confirming the installation of the plugin
  • If you already have imported catalogues in Lengow, an intermediate screen will ask you to link these catalogues to the shops in your platform. This catalogue matching will allow you to send the marketplaces orders to the right shops in your platform.
  • Then, proceed to the e-commerce platform Catalogue import from Lengow.
Several e-commerce platforms can be connected to one Lengow account. BUT one platform can not be connected to more than one Lengow account.
It is not recommended to export your catalogue in url. This will then create indexations issues.





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