Import your products in Lengow

Installing the Lengow plugin on your platform will establish its connection to Lengow.

The following process is currently only valid for these plugins:

Choose which store to import

In the Lengow platform, select which one of your stores you want to import.
Several catalogues can be created based on the same store.


Choose the export parameters linked to the shop (e.g. "out_of_stock", "variation", "language", etc.). When you select these parameters, they will be added after the catalogue URL, so that you can only import products that meet these criteria.

This page allow you to create several catalogues per store and therefore easily manage translations in PrestaShop for example, export a catalogue containing only products in stock or a catalogue in another currency, etc.


main source import settings .png

Select your import settings in Lengow

You can choose to import only a selection of products according to certain criteria.
Below are the import settings you may select (some of them are not available for all plugins):
  • out_of_stock: import products without stock from your CMS.
  • inactive: import inactive products.
  • variation: import product variations, or parent products only.
  • product_type: import specific types of products.
  • selection: import a selection of products made in the plugin.
  • language: import product data in the selected language.
  • currency: import your catalogue in a specific currency.
Then follow the requested steps in the Lengow platform.

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