Contact the marketplace to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.

To display your products on this marketplace, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required by Lengow.

Only sellers with German headquarters + VAT number are allowed to use this marketplace. More info here.

EAN Matching

Otto does NOT allow EAN Matching, meaning that it's not possible from Lengow to link your offers to product pages already existing on this channel.

Add a channel catalogue

Add a channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

We recommend defining a Segment within your product catalogue to only configure and send the products you want to publish on this channel.

Match Categories

Match your categories using "Categories Matching".

Complete Attributes Matching

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on fields definitions. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules. For fields with valid values, select the suggested value or match with your products catalogue values.
If a value is missing in the drop-down menu, please contact your channel account manager and ask for the creation of the concerned value.

Some fields are mandatory and must be completed for your products to be created or updated. Other fields are optional but the channel recommends you fill them in to improve your products visibility.

1. Set up your special offers/sales

Otto requests currency and VAT information for every standard price you send.

Complete the following mandatory attributes in Lengow for standard prices:

  • pricing.standardPrice.amount: standard price, use decimal point to express cents. Ex: 10.50
  • pricing.standardPrice.currency: The currency of your price expressed as a shortcut according to ISO 4217. Ex: EUR 
  • pricing.vat: The value added tax that is included in the sales price, currently FULL or REDUCED
Discount prices
  • Discount price, use decimal point to express cents. Ex: 5.50
  • The currency of your price expressed as a shortcut according to ISO 4217. Ex: EUR
  • The start date for the discount offer. Ex: 2019-10-19T10:00:15.000+0100
  • The end date for the discount offer. Ex: 2019-10-19T10:00:15.000+0100 

2. Delivery method and costs

Shipping costs and delivery methods are defined by the channel. Contact it to obtain the table of costs.

2.1. Delivery methods

Select delivery methods in your channel back office.

2.2. Shipping costs

The following Otto delivery attributes must be completed in Lengow: 

  • delivery.type
    The different possible values are:
    • PARCEL: package with return label (a return tracking number is mandatory for this type of delivery)
    • FORWARDER_PREFERREDLOCATION: relais_colis (contact Otto for specific elements)
    • FORWARDER_CURBSIDE: Pick-up service, order retrievement in the shop or from the car (contact Otto for details on this delivery method).
    • FORWARDER_HEAVYDUTY: Transport by heavy trucks.
  • delivery.deliveryTime
    The delivery time in days, with allowed values from 1 to 999.

3. Variation values

OTTO accepts variation settings. 
To manage your variations in Lengow:

  • In the "productReference" attribute, enter the parent ID of your products, which must be identical for all products within a variation, and this identifier should never be modified.
  • Products within the same variation must have the same category.
  • The "productDescription.bulletPoints" attributes are used to create the bullet points, so the values can be different between variations (the same goes for the description).
  • Products with variations must have information that allows differentiation between the products (e.g. color, size, etc.).
Parent products must be excluded from the feed sent to OTTO, if your products catalogue contains any.

4. Specific settings


The Energieeffizienzklasse attribute is expecting a unit scale (a value from A to G).

  • "sku"

The "sku" is the unique identifier of your product. OTTO requests that the SKU is a static value, as it cannot be changed after successful import into their systems. 

Manage your Exclusions

Follow the usual instructions for exclusions for this channel:

Are there product variations in your catalogue? Check whether the parent products should be excluded or not in the step dedicated to variations.

Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel at the "Preview" step.

Configure your Options

Configure options before sending your products catalogue to the channel.

Regarding the identifiers you have to complete:

  • Otto API login
  • Otto API password

These credentials will be emailed to you by Otto after your onboarding with them.

Launch the channel catalogue

Two distinct feeds are sent to the channel through API:
  • Product Feed:
    This feed enables the integration and creation of products.  It also contains your prices.
    It is sent to the channel every 4 hours.
  • Offer Feed:
    This feed enables the update of your stock quantities.
    It is sent to the channel every hour.

Read Integration Reports

Read product and offer diffusion reports to check that your products are properly configured. These reports list only items which were rejected by the channel. For each product in error, the channel specifies the reason for the rejection.

Product and offer integration reports are available and downloadable from Lengow: "Channel" tab > select "name of the channel" > click on "Activity"

 Please note that the product anomalies found in Otto in the "Produktanalyzen" tab (updated each night by Otto) or directly in the "Produktübersicht" menu are not retrieved in Lengow.

Otto works in differential mode, meaning that only the modifications are sent to the channel during the day.
However, full synchronizations are done during the night to send the whole catalogue.

To get the full offer or product diffusion reports, make sure to download the one corresponding to those full updates in the "History of reports" section :

  • The full offers synchronization takes place around 03:40 a.m. CET
  • The full products (including prices) synchronization takes place around 03:00 a.m. CET
    Tip: If your prices are not up-to-date, make sure to check this report.

Main errors and how to solve them


This error means that a similar product is already offered on Otto by another partner. You need to check that the product returned via the provided link perfectly matches your product:
If it's not the same product, you have to open a ticket request with Otto so that an analysis can be performed on their end.
If it's the same product, validate the offer in your Otto backoffice - this cannot be done automatically through Lengow. You then need to set the MOIN identifier of the product in Lengow, in the "moin" attribute.

  • mediaAssets.location: URL is not valid

This error occurs when you are sending a "mediaAssets.type" value but the corresponding "mediaAssets.location" (containing your image URL) is empty.
To avoid this, you can add a rule on the "mediaAssets.type" field, to empty it when the "mediaAssets.location" field is not set.

Edit a product file

Check our usual guidelines to edit your data.

  • Edit "product data"
  • Edit "offer data" : Data is automatically updated as soon as the offer feed is sent out (the frequency is indicated at the "Launch the channel catalogue" step).

Unpublish/Delete an offer

To stop advertising an offer on the channel, read our recommendations.

Manage your orders

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform.

1. Order retrieval

Lengow retrieves orders placed on the channel website 15 minutes.

2. Order statuses

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed.

For Otto here are the Lengow statuses you can find on your orders:  

✅  "waiting_shipment" is Lengow status for:   


Possible actions at this status

- ship. It requires the carrier and tracking number to be specified. (Note that for DHL, a 20-digit tracking number is required, i.e. with the leading zeros.)

    > If the client chose "parcel" as delivery mode, fill in both return_carrier and return_tracking_number.

     > If the client chose "forwarder..." as delivery mode,  return_carrier and return_tracking_number are optional.

In all cases, you can also specify the sender's address information ("from_address_city", "from_address_country_code" and "from_address_postal_code") and the product line (line).

- cancel. You may specify the product line to cancel.

✅ "shipped" is Lengow status for:    

  • "SENT"

✅  "canceled" is Lengow status for:  


✅  "refunded" is Lengow status for:     


✅  "waiting_acceptance" is Lengow status for:  


3. Recovering old electronic equipment from the end buyer

As a seller if you have to recover the old electronic equipment from the end buyer, the info will be made available either:

  • In Lengow > At the order level > via CSV export of Orders
  • In Lengow plugin > in the "extra" field
  • Via Lengow API > in the weee_pickup tag (within "order_line_meta"), with the true or false info:
    Example :
    "order_line_meta": {​"weee_pickup": true,}

4. Otto Receipt

For each order, Otto provides a purchase receipt (also called an invoice). This document is made available to you via the Lengow API, as well as in the Lengow platform, in the order details (see screenshot).



Channel's news

Find here the latest changes/communications from the channel and what you have to do in Lengow:

June 22nd 2023 - Migration to V3 of Otto's Receipts API
  • To sum up

Otto is currently migrating from the V2 version of its Receipts API to the V3 version. Lengow is switching to this new version on 22nd June 2023. 

As a result, the receipt information provided through the API is modified as described in Otto's communication below. The invoices available in Lengow will evolve accordingly

There is no action required in Lengow. If you are retrieving your Otto orders via API, make sure to take the modifications into account.

  • Original message

We are proudly introducing our receipts API v3 with a lot of changes compared to v2, that we will describe here. v2 will be supported until 11th of July 2023. After this date, the receipts interface will reject requests via v2.

sales_order_id query parameter filter has been renamed to salesOrderId for /receipts endpoint
type has been renamed to receiptType
originalReceiptNumber has been renamed to linkedReceiptNumber
originalCreationDate has been renamed to linkedCreationDate
lineItems was used for only item positions previously, now there is a sub structure that cares about all bill objects has been renamed to partner.partnerName
partner.legalRepresentatives has been renamed to partner.representedBy
-partner.registerNumber has been renamed to partner.commercialRegisterNumber
customer.street will not contain house number for newly created receipts
-articleNumber will contain promotion as suffix
lineItems.dimensions has been renamed to lineItems.itemPositions.variationAttributes
amountDue will contain the actual amount due from customer
shippingCost has been renamed to deliveryCost
vatRate has been renamed to taxRate
vat has been renamed to tax

- Introduce receiptTypesfrom and to new query parameter filters for /receipts endpoint
isRealReceipt will indicate whether its a real invoice or technical invoice
customer.houseNumber will contain house number of the customer
deliveryAddress.houseNumber will contain house number of the delivery address
- Introduce totals to contains total amount per tax type and tax rate
- Introduce totalsGrossAmount as summation of total receipt amount including all tax type

url and priceToPay has been removed
type query parameter filter has been removed for /receipts endpoint

More changes can be found on swagger documentation.

March 2023 - Migration to V3 of Otto's Products API
  • To sum up

Otto is currently releasing the V3 version of its products API. Lengow will migrate to this new version in March 2023. 

As a result of this API upgrade, Otto has new requirements on certain attributes (read below). Make sure to do the necessary ajustements in order to keep your products published.

  • What you have to do in Lengow

At the Attributes Matching step of your Otto feed, adapt your values to Otto's new requirements: 

    • The only allowed currency will be Euro (code: EUR).
    • The following fields will be limited to 70 characters (a TRUNC function may be used to limit a field's length):
      • "productLine"
      • "Besondere Merkmale"
      • "Set-Info"
    • In the the "mediaAssets.location" fields, URL links will be limited to 2083 characters.
    • The following attributes will be removed: "offeringStartDate", "UPC" and "ISBN".
August 31st, 2022 - Category update
  • To sum up

As of 31st August 2022, Otto is updating its categories and will delete around 400 categories. They will be replaced by new categories under a new name and a new category ID. 

  • What you have to do in Lengow

The new categories are already available in Lengow. We recommend to make sure that the category matching of your Otto channel is complete in Lengow. 

April 25th, 2022 - Attribute Migration
  • To sum up

Product uploads to Otto fail for some feeds, because the attribute names sent to Otto are wrong for some categories (not valid for JSON uploads to Otto).

A migration script is launched on Monday April 25th to correct the concerned attributes.
(Ex: the attribute 3D-Brillen.productDescription.attributes.UN-Test 38.3 Lithiu" will become "3D-Brillen.productDescription.attributes.UN-Test 38\.3 Lithi")

  • What you have to do in Lengow

This change is completely transparent, it is however recommended to check your attribute matching.

September 2021 - Categories deletion
  • To sum up

Otto is evolving its categories taxonomy. Therefore updates have to be carried on in your Lengow account.
As of 4th of October 2021, make sure to check your settings in your Lengow account for your Otto feed(s).

  • What you have to do in Lengow

In your Otto feed in Lengow, check Categories Matching and Attributes Matching step, especially to make sure products attributes from specified categories are matched accurately.

Have a look to this list of categories to know if you catalogue is impacted.

  • Original message

Deletion of certain product categories as of 04.10.2021

Over the past few months, we have frequently informed partners about deletions of duplicate/incomprehensible product categories. [...] The deletion will now take place on 04.10.21. The partner must therefore adjust the product category here accordingly if they use one of these 371 product categories. Please find attached an Excel of the affected product categories.  

July 2021 - VAT legislation

You have to set your VAT ID during the onboarding in your KYC process and in our OTTO backend. No action is required in Lengow for this topic.


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