💡 How to get compliant with anti-waste law (AGEC)?

IDU collection for AGEC law

The French legislation is evolving to fight against waste and for solidarity reuse (AGEC law). 
Within the scope of this law, producers of all products and activities subjected to the Extended Producer Responsibility (French initials: REP) in France must register with an eco-organization and pay an eco-contribution.

Under article 62 of AGEC law from February 10th, 2020, merchants are required to provide a unique identifier number (IDU) starting January 1st, 2022 as proof of compliance with this law.


From this date, marketplaces will have to collect the IDU of products subject to this regulation in France. Failure to provide this unique number may result in an administrative fine of up to €30,000.

Each marketplace will inform you how they will collect this information from merchants.


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