💡 What is the procedure to follow in case of a change / migration of a CMS?


Changing CMS implies the change of your catalogue. Before starting the migration of your CMS, check if it induces a modification of the catalogue format.

The procedure will indeed be different depending on whether the title of the attributes, i.e. the title of the columns in your catalogue, remains the same or not.

CASE 1 / Your catalogue format remains unchanged

  • Install the Lengow plugin on the new CMS.
  • Connect the plugin to your Lengow account.
  • For each feed, replace the catalogue. Link the old feeds to the new catalogue.
    Contact our support team to take this action.
  • No action is required on your feeds. The column headings being unchanged, their settings remain the same.

CASE 2 / The format of your catalogue changes

It is necessary in this case to restart the whole configuration of your feeds:

Keep the old CMS with its previous catalogues, feeds and settings during the whole migration process. You can thus carry out the migration smoothly based on the previous configuration and keep your feeds powered.
Have you reached the limit of channels included in your contract? Contact our Support team.

Manage your orders during migration

Deactivate the old feed and activate the new one. As your shop API key does not change, it will import the orders in the same way as the feed ID and thus, be sent to the new catalogue.

Orders are automatically imported over the last five days. Avoid importing orders that may have already been processed in the old CMS, by setting their synchronisation to 1 day only when running the switch.

Putting your shop in "vacation mode" to carry out the migration at your own pace may be a secure approch. This would prevent any order synchronisation risk.

To go further:
Block orders from a fixed date and secure the recovery of your orders. A modification is doable directly in the plugin code. It allows you to launch the recovery of orders from a given date.
Contact your Lengow account manager for guidance with this process.

Caution! Check that the IDs do not change. If they have changed, the product files created on the channels will be obsolete. They wwould be based on references that do not exist in Lengow.


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