💡 eBay - How to keep your eBay history?

Lengow recommendations to keep track of your product sales history on eBay, while sending quantity updates from Lengow.

Keeping your selling history intact is very important. This history will give your listing priority when buyers are searching through eBay. 

  • Activate the option "Out Of Stock" from your eBay Account > site preferences


Lengow uses the InventoryTrackingMethod, so existing products must have been created using the same method to be updated by Lengow - you can confirm this by contacting eBay.

In concrete terms, when a product has 0 stock in Lengow :
> If the option is activated, then Lengow will keep the stock information at 0 and send this information to eBay. The product will then remain available in your eBay back office. 
> If the option is deactivated, as soon as the stock is set to 0 on your feed in Lengow, Lengow will start deleting the product on eBay.

Please note that Lengow cannot guarantee that selling history will be preserved if your products have been created on eBay "MIP" (Merchant Integration Platform). 
Note: An active listing created with the new Inventory model (using the Inventory API or Merchant Integration Platform) cannot be revised using the "ReviseFixedPriceItem", "ReviseItem", or "ReviseInventoryStatus" calls. Instead, you can use the Inventory API or MIP. 

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