💡 eBay - How to set up eBay's Online Click & Collect service?

The Online Click & Collect service is available for eBay DE and eBay UK only.

First, make sure you have "created" your store in your eBay back-office, as the marketplace needs to know the geolocation, its opening hours, etc.

  • The creation and management of this store can be done via a dedicated Lengow App. This App will let you complete all the store information requested by eBay.

Then follow these steps:

  • Add the "Click & Collect" online service from your eBay feed into Lengow and complete with:
    • Location feed ID : it's the ID generated by the Lengow APP. If you don't use our APP, leave the field empty.


This service, once activated, will unlock attributes dedicated to the Click & Collect option which will be entered from the Matching Attributes.

  • Complete the attributes visible on the block dedicated to the Click & Collect service. Make sure that the stocks filled and the store ID are those of your stores registered on the marketplace.

Lengow tip: Add a condition on your attributes if the service does not concern the whole catalog.

Further information:

  • Store stocks are sent to the marketplace every hour, along with data from the Offers feed.
  • Orders placed with the online click & collect service are only available via the Lengow API, they cannot be imported through our plugin.
    Indeed these orders have statuses and actions dedicated to click & collect which make them incompatible with our plugin at the moment. As the statuses of these orders are particular we advise you to consult our API documentation on this subject.

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