💡 Why can't I find my product on the feed preview?

If you cannot find your product on the feed preview, there might be two reasons why.

1. You are searching for the incorrect ID

If you search for the EAN on the feed preview, but the ID has been configured with the SKU (or vice versa), you will not have any results.

In order to check if you are searching for the right ID:

  • Look at the first attribute present on the feed preview.

  • Verify which information has been configured for this field on the attributes' list.

  • Confirm the correct ID on the source data.

2. The product has been excluded

If you are sure to have searched for the correct ID, but you are still not having any results, check if the product is not excluded from the feed.

To do so, click on "Filters", then select "Show excluded products".

  • If there is a blue triangle in the top left corner of the icon, this means that the exclusion has been applied manually and directly on the feed preview.

    In order to send your product, simply click on "Cancel".



  • If, on the other hand, there is no blue triangle, this means that you have excluded the product with a rule, either on the attributes list, or on the exclusions tab.

    In order to send the product, modify your attribute's rules / exclusions in order not to cover the product in question.



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