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There are two ways to manage your delivery methods and shipping costs for ManoMano: per product or with a shipping costs grid (based on the product weight or the number of products).

Shipping costs per product

To set up your delivery methods and shipping costs per product, fill in the following fields:

  • use_grid* : must be "0"
  • carrier: select "home_delivery"
    Contact ManoMano to obtain the list of the authorized carriers.
  • shipping_time*: shipping time. Set a time interval between your minimum and your maximum shipping days. To do so, fill in these values using the hashtag as separator: [TIME_MIN]#[TIME_MAX].

    For example, if your delivery time is between 3 and 5 days, you must enter the value: 3#5

  • shipping_price_vat_inc*: shipping price amount (including taxes).
    When offering free shipping, enter the value of zero or leave the field blank.
  • shipping_price_supplement_vat_inc: When not using a carrier grid and you want to add an additional amount when a customer buys a second product, indicate the amount of the supplement.
    The most expensive shipping price between the two products will be selected. The supplement amount is then added to the selected delivery price.

Shipping costs with a shipping costs grid

To set up your delivery methods and shipping costs with a shipping costs grid , fill in the following fields:

  • use_grid*: enter the value "1" to activate the use of your shipping costs grid.
  • carrier_grid (carrier_grid_1 to carrier_grid_6): shipping grid specified in the ManoMano backoffice.
    Contact ManoMano to obtain the list of the authorized carriers. Indicate the name of the carrier at least for one of these fields: carrier_grid_1, carrier_grid_2, carrier_grid_3, carrier_grid_4, carrier_grid_5, carrier_grid_6
  • shipping_time_carrier_grid (shipping_time_carrier_grid_1 to shipping_time_carrier_grid_6): shipping time for the carrier specified in the corresponding "carrier_grid" attribute. You can specify a fixed delivery time (example: "2" for two days) or an interval (example: "3 # 5" for 3 to 5 days).
  • DisplayWeight*: enter here the product weight in kilograms if you want to calculate the shipping costs based on the weight.
  • carrier**: must be 0
  • shipping_time**: must be 0
  • shipping_price_vat_inc**: must be 0

* mandatory attributes
** mandatory attributes if use_grid is 1

In order to optimize your sales, ManoMano advises to choose this second option and to offer several delivery options:

  • Standard delivery
  • Pick-up & Go delivery
  • Express delivery

Contact ManoMano if you need further information regarding the shipping costs grid you need to fill in and to submit to ManoMano.

Ship by Marketplace / Fulfillment

Before completing the required attributes, send a ticket to our Support team because a new feed is necessary.

Indeed ManoMano waits for specific API identifiers, if you already have a ManoMano feed then you will not be able to fill them again, you will need a new feed to manage the setting and receiving orders shipped by the marketplace.

Specific attributes are to be completed for products that will be shipped directly by ManoMano.
They all contain the mention "required for ManoMano Fulfillment":

  • is_mmf : valeur "1" to be completed to indicate "sent by ManoMano"
  • weight_net
  • icpe
  • onu
  • security_file_number
  • has_batch_number
  • has_serial_number
  • has_dluo
  • is_fragile
  • is_overpackaged

All attributes have a defined definition and indicate the values accepted by ManoMano.

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