Cdiscount - Orders management

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform.

Order retrieval frequency

Lengow retrieves new or modified orders on the channel's website:

  • Every 15 minutes
  • Once a day, for new orders made or amended in the last 5 days

Order processing

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed:

  • New orders

    • "WaitingForSellerAcceptation": Status “waiting for seller acceptation”. It's at this status that you accept or refuse the order.
    • "AcceptedBySeller": The order has been accepted by the seller.
    • "ValidatedFianet": The payment has been validated by Fianet.
    Orders waiting for shipment
    • "WaitingForShipmentAcceptation": The order is waiting for shipment acceptation. It's at this status that you validate or refuse the shipment of the order.
    Orders sent
    • "Shipped": Status “Orders sent”, the order has been sent and is being transported. At this status, you can refund the order. 
    • "ShippedBySeller": The order has been sent by the seller.
    • "PickedUp": The order has been picked up on store.
    Orders canceled
    • "PaymentRefused": The payment is refused.
    • "AutomaticCancellation": The order has been automatically cancelled (i.e.: no answer from the seller).
    • "ShipmentRefusedBySeller": The seller has refused the shipment.
    • "CancelledByCustomer": The customer has cancelled the order.
    • "RefusedNoShipment": Refused no shipment.
    • "CancelledBeforePaymentByCustomer": The order has been cancelled before the payment by the customer.
    • "CancelledBeforeNotificationByCustomer": Cancelled before the notification by customer.
    • "CancellationRequestPending": Request pending on the product line after the order acceptation.
    • "NonPickedUpByCustomer": Cancelled, because the customer has not picked up his/her order.
    • "RefusedBySeller": The order has been refused by the seller.
Special case:
If delivery mode chosen is "suivi" or "recommandé" you must fill in the carrier and the tracking number.

Ship by Marketplace / Fulfillment

The orders from the Fulfillment program of Cdiscount are sent to Lengow directly with the status "Shipped".

If you import these orders into your back-office :

  • using Lengow API: the information can be retrieved through the node "is_delivered_by_marketplace"
  • using one of Lengow's Plugins, into the orders import settings
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