Cdiscount - Orders management

You can manage your orders in the Lengow platform.

Order retrieval frequency

Lengow retrieves new or modified orders on the channel's website:

  • Every 15 minutes
  • Once a day, for new orders made or amended in the last 5 days

Please note that we only provide support for Cdiscount orders, and not for orders from other Octopia partners.

Order processing

Orders go through various statuses in Lengow while being processed:

  • New orders

    • "WaitingForSellerAcceptation": Status “waiting for seller acceptation”. It's at this status that you accept or refuse the order.
    • "AcceptedBySeller": The order has been accepted by the seller.
    • "ValidatedFianet": The payment has been validated by Fianet.
    Orders waiting for shipment
    • "WaitingForShipmentAcceptation": The order is waiting for shipment acceptation. It's at this status that you validate or refuse the shipment of the order.
    Orders sent
    • "Shipped": Status “Orders sent”, the order has been sent and is being transported. At this status, you can refund the order. 
    • "ShippedBySeller": The order has been sent by the seller.
    • "PickedUp": The order has been picked up on store.
    Orders canceled
    • "PaymentRefused": The payment is refused.
    • "AutomaticCancellation": The order has been automatically cancelled (i.e.: no answer from the seller).
    • "ShipmentRefusedBySeller": The seller has refused the shipment.
    • "CancelledByCustomer": The customer has cancelled the order.
    • "RefusedNoShipment": Refused no shipment.
    • "CancelledBeforePaymentByCustomer": The order has been cancelled before the payment by the customer.
    • "CancelledBeforeNotificationByCustomer": Cancelled before the notification by customer.
    • "CancellationRequestPending": Request pending on the product line after the order acceptation.
    • "NonPickedUpByCustomer": Cancelled, because the customer has not picked up his/her order.
    • "RefusedBySeller": The order has been refused by the seller.
Special case:
If delivery mode chosen is "suivi" or "recommandé" you must fill in the carrier and the tracking number.

Ship by Marketplace / Fulfillment

The orders from the Fulfillment program of Cdiscount are sent to Lengow directly with the status "Shipped".

If you import these orders into your back-office :

  • using Lengow API: the information can be retrieved:
    • through the node "is_delivered_by_marketplace"
    • in the <ModGesLog> field: "MKPFBC" value for internal Cdiscount fulfillment, and "EXTFBC" value for external fulfillment.
  • using one of Lengow's Plugins, into the orders import settings

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