PrestaShop - Set up the Plugin

Main Settings

When using the plugin for the first time, you must configure some settings.

In this area, you will find:

  • Notifications & alerts: receive alerts whenever there are order import issues.
  • Calculation of delivery charges: The delivery charges contained in your product catalogue will be those of the carrier selected here.
  • Shop management: These options allow you to activate the stores you want to link to Lengow for order synchronization. These data are automatically completed and activated when connecting with Lengow. You can however add catalog ids in the fields corresponding to the need.
  • Debug Mode: use Debug Mode for test orders. Reminder: this setting must be ONLY and NECESSARILY enabled on your pre-production server.
  • Log Files: your logs history (imported orders, error messages, ...) over the past 20 days.
  • Uninstall Lengow Plugin: this feature will completely uninstall the plugin. Use it ONLY when you do not work with Lengow anymore. It cannot be used to re-install the plugin.


Order import parameters

In this section, you will find two tabs:

  • "Overview": View the orders in your Lengow account here.
  • "Order parameters": All the parameters for importing orders from Lengow.


Advanced Settings

In the "Advanced parameters" section, you'll find:

  • Order status

The Lengow plugin allows you to match the order statuses from the marketplaces with the statuses made available by PrestaShop via a status matching.

  • Management of the carriers for the marketplaces

When you add a marketplace on Lengow, you need to make the matching here between your PrestaShop carrier and the carriers of the marketplace in each country. Make the matching between:

    • The proposed list (based on the carriers offered by your marketplaces and a default carrier).
    • The drop-down menu which is based on the carriers configured in your PrestaShop back office.
Carriers list is available:
- for default country you defined in your Prestashop: within an hour after connecting the marketplace 
- for other countries: after you received the first order for this country from this marketplace.
  • Order import:

Choose here:

    • the maximum period (in days) over which the plugin synchronise orders.
      In the case of cron synchronisation, the time interval is automatically managed by the plugin and is based on the date of the last successful synchronisation.
      For example, if the last synchronisation was an hour ago, the plugin will only recover the last hours.
      On the other hand, if the last synchronisation is 3 days old, the plugin will synchronise over the last 3 days without ever exceeding the maximum number of days you have entered (It is recommended to leave this parameter with 3 days).
    • if you want to import orders dispatched by the marketplaces, and where appropriate, if you want to reduce the stock of products in your PrestaShop for orders dispatched by the marketplaces.
  • Activate the currency conversion for orders
    All orders imported into Prestashop will be automatically converted into the currency chosen in Lengow.




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