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Here are the fields that are linked to delivery methods and costs. Please check the structure's definition for more details and to know whether it is a required or an optional field.

  • shippingLabel : Shipping method. Find more information about it in the Google HelpCenter. This refers to the label you defined while creating a shipping method in your Google Merchant Center. In Lengow, you’ll indicate the shipping method label you want to apply to your product·s.
    It is possible to fill only one shippingLabel per product.

For Google Shopping service: you can either fill in this field or shipping fields (shipping.price.value, shipping.price.currency, at the least, and optionally: shipping.region, shipping.service, shipping.locationId, shipping.locationGroupName, shipping.postalCode).
 Note: For England, the "" to enter must be "GB" (and not "UK").


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