Google API Services - Attributes - Manage your products service by service

When you activate a service, Lengow automatically pre-populates several fields for you to indicate in your optimized catalog the values expected by Google to display your products on the right service.

These are the fields:

  • destinationName.Shopping
  • destinationName.google_display_ads

These fields are only available in the Attribute Matching if the service is activated.

Lengow gives you the ability to restrict the display of your products to a lower level (for example: product or category), thanks to Rules.

For products targeted by your rule, indicate the value “Yes” in the field corresponding to the service you want to exclude your products.

We strongly recommend that you use this type of rule when initially setting up your catalog on this structure, in order to progressively display your inventory on Shopping Actions.
#1 Activate the service in Lengow.
#2 Indicate “Yes” to exclude all your products from the service, during the time for you to set up your catalogue properly.

The deactivation of the service (#1 above) will override registered rules. The result will be the same as applying the "Yes" value in one of the destination fields in the Attribute Matching. The fields for the disabled service are hidden in the Attribute Matching. They will no longer be sent to Google for the service in question, but will be retained if reactivated later.


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