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Every time the Zalando "MasterData" file is changed by Zalando, they must provide it again to the Lengow Support for integration in your Lengow/Zalando feed.

Some Zalando attributes have certain peculiarities:


The "partnerArticleSimpleID", "supplierSKU" and "partnerSKU" fields must be filled in with the same unique product ID


This field's values aren't displayed on Zalando product page. Use this field to send technical details to Zalando, which are specific to your product. Zalando requests the text to be written in English or German language.

Note: the pipe symbol "|" is blocking for this field, use commas to separate several pieces of information.


You cannot create a new product associated with an old season.
For example, a product onboarded in January 2024 must be associated in the "season" attribute with "AW23" or "SS24", but not with "SS23".
Zalando requires that products already online and associated with older seasons are on promotion.
All information on seasons is available in this Zalando documentation


In the "images" fields, you can enter up to 7 images per variation ("images_01", "images_02", etc.).
A minimum of 3 images is required. 

Read more in Zalando's Images Best Practice Guides and Zalando's Image and Content Guides.


The "ignore_warnings" attribute is set by default to "false".

  • When this attribute is set to "false", there is NO price update on the products with warnings, as these Zalando warnings will be considered as critical.
    In Lengow, Zalando's warnings are in this case treated as errors and will appear in the integration report.
  • When this attribute is set to "true", the price update will be applied ignoring the warnings (but not the errors) generated from Zalando's validation engine.
    Select the value "true" if you want to make sure your prices are updated despite Zalando's warnings. 


Enter here the stock available in your own warehouses.

If you are using the ZFS fulfillment service, and thus Zalando is shipping your orders, enter the value "0" in this field for the ZFS products.

Stock: Switzerland and Belgium focus

You are selling your products in Switzerland on both German (de-CH) and French (fr-CH) versions and/or in Belgium on both Dutch (nl-BE) and French versions (fr-CH)?

You must update stock for the same article (EAN) with the same value for both languages/subchannels in Switzerland and/or Belgium.

If Zalando receives a stock update (EAN) that doesn’t match for the product, the latest stock update from a particular locale will then be taken and copied to its corresponding locale.

See this example for Switzerland:



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