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To set up special offers and promotions, fill in the following fields:

  • "Prix Offre - price": strike-through price of your product (original price). If your product is not discounted, this field must be filled in with your usual selling price.
  • "Prix remisé - discount-price": discounted price of your product.
  • "Date début promotion - discount-start-date" (optional): the date on which your promotion/sale begins. If you fill in this field and the "discount_price" field, the promotion will only begin on the date provided.
    Recommended format: AAAA-MM-JJTHH:MM:SS+01
  • "Date fin promotion - discount-end-date" (optional): the date following the one (D+1) when your promotion/sale ends. If you fill in this field and the "discount_price" field, the promotion will stop at 00h01 on the date provided.
    Format recommended by La Redoute (D+1): AAAA-MM-JJT00:01:00+01
    Example for a promotion ending on 27th November, it should have an end date at the beginning of the next day: 2023-11-28T00:01:00+01

Black Friday

To manage your Black Friday offers, complete the discount attributes.

La Redoute advice:

  • As a high number of offers is expected for Black Friday send the offer feed with your promotions in advance, maximum 48hrs before the start date.
  • La Redoute also recommends to set a markdown of at least 20% off, depending on the product categories of course.
  • The marketplace will start communicating on Black Friday mid-November

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