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Important : your server must authorize Mirakl to access the domain indicated in your image URLs.

What is an image domain? Here is an example:

  • Website URL:
  • Example of an image url:
  • Image domain:

Reparability Index Image

For certain categories of products, the French law requests the reparability index of products to be displayed. Make sure to add the supporting diagram in the "Doc_reparability_index" field as a link to a pdf (maximum size 15360 Ko).


The values sent in the "ProductTitle[fr_FR]" field (title) must meet certain criteria:

  • Make sure each word in the title begins with a capital letter. If this is not the case in your catalog, you can set up an automatic rule using the UPPERWORD function: UPPERWORD($myfield_title)
  • Avoid adding the composition or material of your products in the title. It is a mandatory data but to add in the description of your product.
    Example: Replace the title "TUNIC 95% COTTON 5% ELASTANE COLLECTION" by "Tunic" and add the rest of info in the description.
  • Maximum 150 characters. 

Product data requirements are detailed in this document issued by La Redoute.

Product identifiers

SKU Offre:
Enter the unique product ID of your product.

Enter the unique product ID of your product.

Price / ecotax

Prix Offre - price attribute:
The price must contain the ecotax (when applicable). Make sure to include the eco-contribution in the price sent in the "Prix Offre" field. Tip: use a CALC function if needed.


Your logo must be uploaded in your Mirakl back-office.


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