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Shipping settings must be set up in your Mirakl back-office.

Delivery methods

Select the delivery method in your Mirakl back-office.

Relay shipment (pick-up point): La Redoute stated that this delivery method will not be available until the second semester of 2023.

Shipping costs

Please note that each product is linked to a logistics category. The shipping costs are calculated on the basis of:

  • the delivery method linked to the product
  • the logistics category linked to the product

For the logistics category, you may choose between several options:

Keep the logistics category assigned by default by the channel. In that case, no action needs to be taken by you in Lengow.
 Please note that Parcel XS logistic class is set by default by La Redoute.


Change the logistics category assigned by default by La Redoute (Parcel XS). In that case, fill in the field "Famille logistique - logistic_class".
Contact your La Redoute account manager to obtain details about the authorized values.


The "Délai d'expédition - leadtime-to-ship" field corresponds to the time (in days) necessary to prepare an order. 

Lead time to ship can be useful for built-on-demand products which need to be built, prepared, and packaged before they are sent. You can specify a lead time to ship of three days, for example, so that the customer knows that it will take three days before you ship the order.

La Redoute recommends entering the leadtime to ship for each EAN sent to the channel.
 If no leadtime to ship is entered, a default value of 5 days is applied.

The default maximum leadtime to ship is set to 30 days for La Redoute.  

Go to your Mirakl back office if you want to set up free shipping costs for all your products. 

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