🎨 Color Finder

What is it?

With our Color Finder app automatically extract all colors from your catalog by choosing from one of your existing fields (title or description ...) and inject the results into a new color field.

You new color field is available right away and added to your catalog. Use it immediately in the attributes matching section of your channels!

How to access?
From tab "App" > "Color finder" in your Lengow account

How does it work? 

Detailed explanations

  • Connect Color Finder from the Apps section of your Lengow platform
  • Select your catalog
  • Specify the fields to be used by the Color Finder

Once the task is complete, find the total number of products covered by the operation.

You can also download the results of this operation (CSV format) and check the new color data.

The search parameters can be changed at any time to improve the results.

Once created, the new color field will be named LGW-COLOR and added to your catalog. It can be used immeditaley in the attribute matching section of your channels. The result will be automatically displayed in the preview page.


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