Netrivals offers you a comprehensive view of the market through competitive and pricing analysis to help you make better informed decisions that will boost your sales and revenues.

Primary benefits

• Get real time market analysis and overview of your competitors
• Control your distribution channels and resellers
• Automate your repricing based on specific rules to match your business & financial objectives
• Increase your sales performances thanks to competitive insights and stock analysis
• Secure and optimise your margins
• Better negotiate prices with suppliers
• Gain greater control of your brand image
• Improve your marketing acquisition campaigns and conversion rate


A Netrivals account is needed to use this app.
For more information you can contact Netrivals at:
How to access? "Apps" > Select "Netrivals"


Netrivals & Lengow connection

To use this App, you have to connect your Netrivals account to Lengow.

Once you've selected the application in your Lengow account, follow instructions displayed on the screen and allow access to your account infomation, you product catalogues as your channels.


Congratulations! The app is now connected. You can connect your catalogue and send it!

Set up

Choose the catalogue you want to send. Catalogues previously set up in Lengow can be directly selected. Those which are not ready to be used are listed below. They must be "active" to be selected.


Then, follow the usual flow by matching your products attributes, add exclusions to refine the selection of product sent. Make sure your matching is done correctly by checking the preview and finally connect your catalogue. 

You are now ready to launch your catalogue on Netrivals! Click on "Launch now".
Settings can still be modified and adjusted after lanching it.

Once you lanched your catalogue, an URL will appear on the screen.

1. Copy the URL

2. Send it to your Netrivals onboarding or account manager

3. The Netrivals teams will immediately take care of the implementation of your Lengow products catalogue feed into the Netrivals solution.

How to use it?

Once your catalogue is imported, it can be used as any other type of catalogue imported into Lengow. It is easily recognisable in the channel tab by the Netrivals sign.

Actions available once the feed is at the draft stage:

mceclip0.png Edit the feed name. Check on its ID and weather it is a draft of an active feed.

mceclip1.png Disable the channel: Products will not be sent to this channel anymore. Settings reamain available.

mceclip2.png Delete the channel: All settings will be temporarily deleted. Products will not be sent anymore on this channel.

mceclip3.png Copy all your catalogue settings, attribute matching, categories, rules and exclusions
        A similar channel must have been configured previously.

mceclip4.png Edit the settings and peview the catalogue.

mceclip5.png Check the history of your actions on this channel.

mceclip6.png Download your feed.


Once the feed is active, you still have the possibility to edit the settings and to disable it on the top right corner of the screen.
The URL of the feed now appears on the bottom of the page.


Uninstall Netrivals

You can disconnect the App at any time by clicking on the "Uninstall App" button. This button is located on the upper right corner of your screen. Please, do inform your Netrivals account manager when uninstalling the app to stop reading the feed.

Once you uninstall the App, the feed(s) you created will be deleted. Reinstalling the App will not bring back the previous set up. You will have to redo all the steps from the catalogue selection to the mapping.


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