Import products from Dropbox

You don't have access to a FTP or you aren't able to create an URL leading to your products data?

It is possible to create a products catalog from scratch registered in Dropbox and save it in Lengow.
This way, changes you'll made on your file in Dropbox will be automatically available for the next update of your file by Lengow.

How to access it?  "Catalogues" tab > "Add a new catalogue" > "Dropbox"

How does it work?

  • Create an Excel file.
  • Complete this file with data you want to send to Lengow (articles such as Products Catalog and EAN codes and product variations could be useful)
  • Save this file selecting the format CSV (UTF-8) .
  • Save it in your Dropbox space.


If your catalogue contains images hosted on Dropbox, the direct URL must be sent.
By default, Dropbox loads the image as a preview, with a URL link as follows: ""

You need to modify this URL by replacing the parameter at the end of the URL with "?raw=1", so that the image isn't a preview and is thereby accepted by Lengow.
Example :

Import the file in Lengow

If your Lengow account, you can choose to use this file as a products catalog or as an additionnal source for a registered catalog:

Add a new catalog Add this file to a registered catalog

Complete a catalog which is already imported in your Lengow account with additionnal data from your new file. On Lengow, go to:

  • The "Catalogues" tab
  • Select the catalog you want to complete with this additionnal source
  • Follow steps which are listed in our guide: "Catalogues / Additionnal sources"

File update

You can update your file at any time in Dropbox (make sure to keep the same title and the same format between two updates), data will be automatically updated in your Lengow account, at the next planned indexing.  


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