Import products from Google Drive

You don't have access to an FTP server or you aren't able to create a URL leading to your products data? You have a Google account?

It is possible to save your CSV file on Google Drive and then save it in Lengow.
This way, changes you'll make on your CSV file will be automatically available at the next update of your file by Lengow.

How to access it?  "Catalogues" tab > "Add a new catalogue" > "Google Drive"
If your file is a Google Sheet, check out this guide.

How does it work?

Follow the below steps:

1. In a spreadsheet such as Excel or LibreOffice, create a file with the data you want to send to Lengow. Articles on Products Catalogue and EANs codes and variations could be useful.

2. Save this file in CSV format (UTF-8 encoding is recommended). The delimiter can be the pipe "|", the semi-colon ";" or the comma ",".

3. Upload this CSV file to your Google Drive. Make sure the file is accessible to anyone with the link (option to select in "File" > "Share" > "Share with others").


4. In the "Catalogues" tab in Lengow:

  • Click on "Add a new catalogue". 
  • Select "Google Drive" as the import method 

Then follow the requested steps in Lengow platform. 

File update:
You can save a new version of your CSV file in Google Drive at any time. 
Make sure to keep the same title for your file and save it the same place each time you update it (this will overwrite the previous version).
The data will be automatically updated in your Lengow account at the next planned indexing.

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