🔧 Amazon - Error Code 8541 - Simple mapping error

Simple mapping error

Amazon error message: >The SKU data provided is different from what is already in the Amazon catalog. The item_id data provided mapes ASIN BXXXXXXXXX, but the following data is different from what is already in the Amazon catalog: standard_product_id (Merchant: [Merchant value]; / Amazon: [Amazon value]). If this is the right ASIN for your product, update your data to map what is in the Amazon catalog. If it is not the right ASIN, make sure that your data for item_id is correct. 

Solve error 8541:

Check if the product is the same as they actually intended to sell.

  • If it is the same product, you need to use the ASIN from Amazon instead of the EAN code the seller provided.
  • If it is not the same, the seller must check their own data and correct anything that is wrong.
  • If the seller is sure that his/her data is correct, you should direct them to contact Seller Support and report an error with the product data on Amazon.
  • If you have used ASIN while uploading the product, either change the conflicting data or only use SKU and ASIN with no other product information.

Note: This error may be due to the recycling of UPC or EAN by manufacturers. For example, clothing barcodes are sometimes reused after three years. Check that you are using the correct ASIN for your products.
More info on ASIN codes here!


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