📣 News - ManoMano - Early June 2024 - Structure evolution, introducing categories

As part of the Mandatory Attribute program, ManoMano is introducing mandatory product categorisation. To adjust the structure of your feed to this categorisation, you must reconfigure a new feed.

At the very beginning of June 2024, Lengow is launching a new connector allowing you to reconfigure your existing feed(s), categorise your products and continue publishing on ManoMano.

New feeds must be set up within 60 days following the launch of the connector.

Please note that once the old system is deactivated:

  • Products and offers will no longer be created
  • Products and offers will no longer be updated
  • Existing feeds created on the old system will be unpublished

What is changing ?

Categories will be introduced on ManoMano. A categorisation step will then be necessary in the set up process of your feed. New mandatory attributes will also be added in various categories.

What you have to do in Lengow?

To carry out a smooth transition, proceed to the following steps.

1. In the channel section:

On the connector launch date (precise date coming soon), a "ManoMano New" feed will appear below your active feed.
There will be as many "new feeds" available as there are existing feeds in your Lengow back office for ManoMano.

2. Click on the "ManoMano New feed".

You must set up this new feed.
If you have several feeds, you must reconfigure all of them.

If you have multiple feeds on the same ManoMano account, contact Lengow support who will help you duplicate your settings.


3. map your categories with ManoMano's categories.

Mano category.png

4. map attributes. 
In the "Attributes" section, make sure to map all the mandatory attributes requested by ManoMano in each of your new categories.

The common attributes you previously maped in your feed will automatically be maped in the new feed provided.

Make sure you map "min_quantity" and "increment" as these two attributes become mandatory.

Mano attribute.png

5. In ManoMano's back office:

Go to "Automatic import" in the "Catalogue" tab. Add the URL pointing at the new feed.
The automatic upload of your data is now activated. Once the new feed activated, you can deactivate the old one.

import url manomano.png

If the "New ManoMano" feeds created cause you to reach your marketplace feed quota, follow these steps:

1. Deactivate the "New ManoMano" Feed. This will free up quota space for other feeds.

2. With the quota space now available, you can create any additional feeds required for your marketplace operations.

3. In the meantime, you can set up the deactivated "New ManoMano" feed.

4. Once the "New ManoMano" feed is ready, access the settings for your existing (old) ManoMano feed to deactivate it.

5. Finally,In ManoMano's back office, go to "Automatic import" in the "Catalogue" tab. Add the URL pointing at the new feed to activate the "New ManoMano" feed. 

By following these steps, you can manage your feed quota effectively and transition to the "New ManoMano" feed seamlessly.

In all cases, billing is not affected.


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