Attributes Matching

How to access? "Channels" tab > Choose a channel > "Settings" > "Match your product attributes"

What is it?

With "Attributes Matching", you can match the fields from your product catalogue with the fields requested by the channel.

Does your product catalogue not exactly match the expectations of the channel? Here you can find the values for all products in your catalogue or you can refine the values transmitted to the channel thanks to the "Rules" and/or "Functions".

How does it work?

The channel Attributes

The attributes are the information requested by the channel for the launching of your products. They include, from top to bottom:

  • Blocked fields, that you cannot change without the intervention of our Customer Support. We block them so as to avoid any change which could be critical for the launching of your offers.
  • Required fields *, that are used to create and update your products at the channel.
  • Optional fields. Fill in a maximum to improve your product sheets at the channel.
  • Services fields. They only concern the service you have activated for this channel.

Lengow Tips

  • Required and optional fields are grouped by topic for easier understanding.
  • Read carefully the definition associated with each attribute so you know exactly what information to send.


Identify the attributes to be completed

If the broadcaster requires attributes, a banner will be visible on the left. It allows to distinguish the fields:

Images-1.png : « Common Fields »: Common attributes shared by all categories of products.

Image-2.png : « Attributes by Category » : Classification from the "Category Matching". Lists the dedicated attributes by category.

Consult each category to fill in the attributes.



Complete Attributes Matching

The values entered here will apply to all products.

You can:

Dynamically call a field from your catalog

Use symbol $


Enter a hard value

Enter the text directly


Use a function


Note: The matching is pre-filled from the "Lengow Matching".

Lengow Tip

Associate several types of values, be they fields, hard values or "Functions"!

If a value is missing from a drop-down menu, please contact the channel to ask for this value to be created.

Customize your values

Add a new "Rule" on one channel attributes by clicking on the wheel to the right of the field.



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