Contact the marketplace to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.   

To display your products on this marketplace, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required by Lengow.

How to add Pinterest channel

Follow instruction detailed in next step.

Make sure to select "All countries" in filters.

Add a channel catalogue

Add a channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

We recommend defining a Segment within your product catalogue to only configure and send the products you want to publish on this channel.

Match Categories

Match your categories using "Categories Matching".

Complete Attributes Matching

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on fields definitions. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules. For fields with valid values, select the suggested value or match with your products catalogue values.
If a value is missing in the drop-down menu, please contact your channel account manager and ask for the creation of the concerned value.

Some fields are mandatory and must be completed for your products to be created or updated. Other fields are optional but the channel recommends you fill them in to improve your products visibility.

1. Set up your special offers/sales

To set up special offers, fill in the following fields:

  • sale_price: discounted price of your product
  • price: original price of your product

If you prepare your sales or promotions in advance, fill in this field so that your reduced prices won't be displayed immediately:

  • salePriceEffectiveDate: time period during which sales will apply. Format is: “2018-06-27T08:00-0200/2018-08-07T23:00-0200” 

2. Delivery method and costs

Below are the fields that are linked to delivery method and costs. Please check the attribute's definition on the Lengow platform for more details.

  • shippingLabel: Shipping method label. Create shipping methods in your Merchant Center, and indicate in Lengow the corresponding shipping method label you want to apply to your products.
  • shipping: Use it to set specific shippings costs, which will override other shipping settings.

3. Add Custom Attribute

These attributes can be used to group the items in a Shopping campaign by values of your choosing,

  • custom_label_0
  • custom_label_1  
  • custom_label_2
  • custom_label_3
  • custom_label_4

Manage your Exclusions

Exclude parent products.

> Lengow excludes them automatically if values filled in "offerId" and "itemGroupId" fields are the same.

> If values filled in "offerId" and "itemGroupId" aren't the same for a parent product, you have to create an exclusion rule to exclude them from the optimised feed.

You can add other exclusions:

  • Products you don't want to display on this channel.
  • Products from your catalog which don't match the channel expectations.

Products excluded with the Exclusion feature will be sent to the channel with a 0 stock.

Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel at the "Preview" step.

Note: Codes corresponding to matched categories in the "Categories Matching" step will be displayed at this stage.

Configure your Options

Configure options before sending your products catalogue to the channel.

You can configure your Costs in the options tab before sending your products catalogue to the channel.

Launch the channel catalogue

Edit a product file

Check our usual guidelines to edit your data:

Unpublish/Delete an offer

To stop advertising an offer on the channel, read our recommendations.



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