Contact the channel to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.

To display your products on this marketplace, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required by Lengow.

Add a channel catalogue

Add a channel catalogue in your Lengow account.

When adding a new channel, make sure to select "All countries" in the filters. Only one TikTok channel is needed in Lengow, the multi-country settings can be done in your TikTok back office.

We recommend defining a Segment within your product catalogue to only configure and send the products you want to publish on this channel.

Match Categories

Match your categories using "Categories Matching".

Complete Attributes Matching

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on fields definitions. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules. For fields with valid values, select the suggested value or match with your products catalogue values.
If a value is missing in the drop-down menu, please contact your channel account manager and ask for the creation of the concerned value.

Some fields are mandatory and must be completed for your products to be created or updated.

Follow the description of the attributes in the platform to correctly match your data.

Required Attributes

  • sku_id

Unique ID for the item, such as the SKU.

  • title

Title for the item. Example: T-Shirt (Unisex)

  • description

A short description of the item.

  • availability
The current availability of the item in your store. Example: in stock
  • condition
The current condition of the item. Example: new.
  • price
Cost and currency of the item.
Format the price as a number, followed by the 3-digit ISO currency code (ISO 4217 standards), with a space between cost and currency. Use a period (".") as the decimal point.
Example: 9.99 EUR
  • link
URL of the specific product page where people can buy the item on your website.
  • image_link
URL of the image used in your ad.
For square (1:1) aspect ratios in the carousel ad format, your image should be 600x600. All images should be in JPG or PNG format.
Example: https://www.tiktok.com/t_shirt_image_001.jpg
  • brand

Brand name of the item.

1. Set up your special offers/sales

To set up special offers/sales, fill in the following attributes:

  • "price"

Cost and currency of the item (example: 9.99 EUR)

  • "sale_price"

Discounted price and currency of the item (example: 8.99 EUR)

  • "sale_price_effective_date"

Time range for your sale period, including the date, time, and time zone when your sale starts and ends. If you don't enter sale dates, any items with a sale_price remains on sale until you remove their sale price.

Use this format: YYYY-MM-DDT0:00-23:59/YYYY-MM-DDT0:00-23:59

Example: 2017-12-01T0:00/2017-12-31T0:00

2. Delivery method and costs

Complete the following attributes to set your shipping options:
  • shipping

Shipping details for the item, written as: COUNTRY:STATE:SHIPPING_TYPE:PRICE:SERVICE

Format the price as a number, followed by the 3-digit ISO currency code (ISO 4217 standards), with a space between cost and currency.

Use "";"" to separate different regions. You can leave out the region (keep the double "::") if your shipping details are the same for an entire country.

Example: US:CA:Ground:9.99 USD:Standard

  • shipping_weight

Shipping weight of the item in lb, oz, g, or kg.
Example: 10 kg

3. Variation values

To display products with variations, complete the following attribute:

  • item_group_id

Provide the same item_group_id for all items that are variants of a product.

For example, a red Polo Shirt is a variant of Polo Shirt.
Parent products must be excluded from the feed sent to TikTok, if your products catalogue contains any.

Manage your Exclusions

Follow the usual instructions for exclusions for this channel:

Are there product variations in your catalogue? Check whether the parent products should be excluded or not in the step dedicated to variations.

Preview your data

Check the data you are about to send to the channel at the "Preview" step.

Configure your Options

You can define your costs in the options tab before sending your products catalogue to the channel.

Get the Lengow URL of your products feed provided at the catalog launching step.

Launch the channel catalogue

Make sure you got the URL of your optimized feed and use the "Data feed schedule" method to upload your feed in your TikTok back office.   

Read Integration Reports

If some products were not imported successfully, you can export the log in your TikTok back office to check the details.
Contact your TikTok account manager for further information.

Main errors and their resolution

The following error shown in TikTok's logs may block the integration of your feed:

Error Message in TikTok: 
File format isn't supported.
Suggestion: Upload your data feed file again in one of the following formats: CSV, XML, TSV, GZIP. Please check utf encoding in the file.

Solve and prevent this error: 

  • Make sure you matched all categories and attributes in Lengow.
  • Remove all quotation marks ( " ) in text fields, as these characters can block the feed in TikTok and generate this error message. 
    To easily remove quotation marks in Lengow, go to the Preview section of your feed. Then, add a new Find & Replace rule (see below screenshot) to replace " with no value in the description field. A similar rule can also be added for the title field. 


Edit a product file

Check our usual guidelines to edit your data.

Unpublish/Delete an offer


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