📣 Conforama - News - April 2023 - Switch of "indoor" and "outdoor" categories into "garden" categories

Conforama switch all products from the category indoor and outdoor into new categories available since december 2022.
All products categorized as outdoor will no longer be visible on the Conforama after the 20th of April 2023.

What you have to do in Lengow

  • To edit an existing product, you must first re-categorize it in the special "garden" categories (c.f. original message below). Modifications will be taken into account when the product categories are indeed identical to the new master file categories.
  • To add new products automatically, edit the product matching within the "garden" categories available and fill in the associated attributes.

Message Original

Dear seller,
Since last December, new categories "garden world" are available:




Banc de jardin


Canapé de jardin


Chaise de jardin


Coffre de jardin


Desserte de jardin


Ens Tblcha de jardin


Fauteuil de jardin


Table basse de jardin


Table de jardin


Tabouret de jardin


As of Thursday 20/04/2023, the Conforama Marketplace will switch all products attached to the old category and using the characteristic use (indoor/outdoor) to these new categories. Therefore, all products with the characteristic use = outdoor will no longer be visible on the Conforama.fr website after this date.

You must therefore :

-          If you wish to make a modification to an existing product sheet, you must first re-categorize it in the special "garden" categories. Otherwise, your modification will not be taken into account because the category of your product will be different from the category of the master file.

-          If you want to add new products automatically, you will have to modify your product mapping with the new garden categories and complete the associated attributes. Do not hesitate to contact your feed aggregator and/or your technical teams if you use APIs.


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