📣 Conforama - News - September 2023 - Attributes become mandatory

To sum up

New attributes will become mandatory on Conforama from 28th September 2023. 

New mandatory attributes include the EAN code of your products, as well the length/width/height of furniture and electrical appliances, among others listed in this file

What you have to do in Lengow

Make sure to provide the EAN codes of all your products in Lengow, as well as the other requested information.

Original message

Modification of mandatory features:

We would like to inform you that starting September, 28th new mandatory features, including EAN, will be introduced on Mirakl. Therefore, you will need to review your mappings, notify your feed aggregators, and update your product imports and APIs to accommodate these new mandatory features.

Please note that failure to provide the mandatory features will result in automatic rejection of your product listings.

You can find the categories and features affected by these changes here.

These changes are essential to maintain the momentum of our marketplace, and this information will be utilized for various projects related to catalog improvement.


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