🔧 Cdiscount - Error: Incorrect product kind

Error Message: Nature du produit : Standard obligatoire sur cette catĂ©gorie, veuillez choisir "Standard" dans le champ "Nature du produit" et supprimer le sku famille, la taille ou la couleur marketing.

This error means: Product kind: Standard mandatory for this category. Make sure you choose "Standard" in the field "Nature du produit" (Product kind) and delete family sku, size or marketing color.

This error refers to a field which is automatically managed by Lengow and automatically sent to Cdiscount:

  • If there is a value in the "SellerProductFamily” attribute (parent id field), then Lengow fills in the value “Variant” (=variation) in the “Nature du produit” (ProductKind) attribute.
  • If “SellerProductFamily” attribute is left empty, Lengow fills in the “Standard” value.

This field isn't directly  available in the Cdiscount Attributes Matching in Lengow. To modify it, you need to either empty or complete the "SellerProductFamily” attribute, depending on the case.


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