🔧 Cdiscount - Error: Seller product reference: An offer already exists on this product with another reference

This error occurs when the "sellerproductID" attribute was modified by the merchant on Lengow, while the offer has already been created with the previous reference on Cdiscount side. In other words, the new reference sent by Lengow doesn't map the existing one recorded by Cdiscount.

There are three possibilities to correct this error:

  • Put the previous reference back into the "sellerproductID" attribute on Lengow. The error will disappear after the next Push Offers.
  • Find the existing offer in your Cdiscount seller account and change the current reference to the new reference. If the modification is not available, you can submit a request to Cdiscount Support team. Here's the marketplace guideline: https://help.octopia.com/s/article/Comment-modifier-mettre-%C3%A0-jour-votre-r%C3%A9f%C3%A9rence-vendeur?language=en_US 
  • Delete the existing offer from your Cdiscount seller account. It will be created again with the new reference after the next Push Offers.

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