Google Shopping via URL - Attributes - Promotions and sales

To set up special offers / sales, fill in the following fields:

  • sale_price: the current, discount price of your products
  • price: the previous, higher price of your products

If you prepare your sales or promotions in advance, fill in this field so that your reduced prices won't be displayed immediately:

  • sale_price_effective_date: This attribute defines the date range during which the sale price of the item is used.
    • Ex: 2023-01-09T08:00-0200/2023-02-19T23:00-0200

If you use this field, Google recommends that you set your feed at least 7 days before the first day of sales to be sure that the changes are taken into account on the day. 

Make sure to adapt the time zone according to your location (0100 corresponds to the French time zone for the winter sales and 0200 corresponds to the summer time in France).

Click here to see the Google's documentation.


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