Google Shopping via URL - Diffusion report

The error report is available in your Google Merchant Center, in the Diagnostics section.

Read this report carefully and correct the possible errors.

To help you correct these errors:

In addition, here are the main errors from Google Shopping Online Products when submitting a new catalogue:

An unclaimed website URL

Before you can import product files into Google Merchant Center, you must ‘claim’ your website URL. On the basic settings page from Google follow the instructions :

Description and/or title are too long

If this happens, you need to apply the TRUNC function that will shorten the values in your title or description fields. This function is used as follows: TRUNC($YOUR_FIELD,150) . This rule should be applied only for products when the (YOUR_FIELD) is not blank in your catalogue.

Excessive capitalisation

Google restricts the use of capital letters in fields. Use the UPPERWORD function for Title, Description and Brand fields, when they contain capital letters in your source catalogue.

Unique Product Code issues

Google warns you when the unique product code is missing for certain products. When this happens, you need to specify a value in the EAN or MPN fields.

Postage and packaging errors

Your postage and packaging fees must be submitted in the following format GB:::5.90 (GB for Great Britain, DE for Germany, FR for France...)

Required attributes are missing

Some categories are requiring attributes. Make sure to complete those attributes within the feed sent to Google.

Click through count variation between Lengow and Google Analytics

There is a difference in counting clicks, which is caused by the items that are incorporated into the calculation:

  • Lengow counts clicks originating in Google Shopping and PLAs (Product Listing Ads) that relate to the products displayed above Google’s search engine results.
  • Google Analytics only counts clicks from Google Shopping.

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