Unpublish a product

Several options are possible to unpublish a product from a channel:

  • Delete the product directly from your product catalogue. When the catalogue is imported, the product won't be found, and Lengow will send the necessary information to the channel for the product to be unpublished.
  • Set the quantity of the product to 0 (zero) in the Attributes matching section.
  • Exclude the product (exclusion procedure here). Depending on the channel's requirements, Lengow will either change the stock to 0 or send the necessary information to unpublish the product.
  • For some channels, complete a specific attribute in Attributes matching section. For example, the channel may give the option to:
    • indicate a product as "out of stock".
    • fill in an "operation-type" or "update-delete" attribute with the value "delete" for one or several products. This may remove all the product's information from the channel's back-office.
If a specific procedure is recommended by a channel, it will be indicated in the "Unpublish a product" step of the channel's guide.

Tip: If you're only publishing a part of your catalogue, consider creating a Segment to only set up and publish the relevant products.


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