Channel report

Each channel has a different way of communicating errors on products you try to sell on their platform. Sometimes even in their own language.

Knowing this, Lengow has created a new functionality to harmonize all errors received into a unique and universal integration report.

This Channel report lists all errors and explanations sent by the channels.

How does it work?

Each report groups together similar errors in packages to provide a simpler reading and allow you to easily correct your products.

The errors are grouped by major themes (Product, Category, Other errors, etc.).

This Channel report is fed from the latest reports sent by the channel and retrieved by Lengow concerning product data, offers and product statuses (the latter is not always communicated).  


Example: In the image above, the channel indicates that the category it received is not valid, and that this error concerns 10 products. 

This Channel report is built from the latest reports sent by the channel and retrieved by Lengow regarding product data, offers and product status (the latter is not always communicated).

Correct Categorization errors

You can directly correct the Categorization errors from the Channel report page!  

Information displayed

Errors are displayed according to the number of products impacted, in descending order.

Also find on the Channel report page:

  • the date and time of the last report sent by the channel with the possibility of downloading it directly in csv format.

  • the number of products in the optimized feed received by the channel and the number of products accepted.

  • a search field to narrow down products : You can perform several searches together. Enter the first value, press the "Enter" key on your keyboard, then enter another value, press the "Enter" key on your keyboard, etc...

  • possibility to filter by "error" or "warning". (the warnings do not prevent the publication of the products at first, however it is strongly recommended to correct them)

  • possibility to filter by type of report (products / offers)     

Les thématiques affichées pour regrouper les erreurs sont les suivantes : 

Price the price
Stocks & Delivery the quantity and the delivery information(s)
Product description the product description
Product identification the product identifier
Categories lthe category
Feed format the optimized catalogue format
Technical errors technical errors
Other errors other errors

What if ...

  • I need more information on how to correct these errors

Refer to the "Channel report" section in the relevant channel's guide. We have identified explanations for the most common errors.

  • I don't understand an error

Contact Lengow Support or your channel's account manager.

  • I cannot find Channel report on a specific channel

Contact Lengow Support or your channel's account manager.


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