Import frequency

How to access it? "Catalogues" tab > Select a catalogue > "Settings" > "Update frequency & alerts"


What is it?

To get the lastest updates of your products catalogues (price, title changes, new products, ...), Lengow has to import your data into the platform. This is called the product catalogue import.

Thanks to the "Update Frequency" feature, you can choose days and times at which your product catalogue will be imported.

Your data will then be available for the channels linked to your product catalogue.
Please note that channel indexation times vary from channel to channel.

How does it work?

Step 1: Select the days during which you want Lengow to update your products catalogue.

Step 2: Select the times during which you want Lengow to update your products catalogue (no more than one per hour).

If a catalogue is not connected to any channel, it will NOT be updated, regardless of the import frequency.

Make a one-off update

You have just made a change in your catalogue and would like it to be immediately transferred to Lengow without waiting for the next scheduled import?
This action does not change anything to the regular imports you have scheduled. 

In Lengow, go to the "Products" tab of your catalogue.

If the "Update catalogue" button is available, click on it to launch the update:


If you have several sources, you can choose the one you want to update or update them all at once:


The "Update catalogue" button is not available?

This means the way your catalogue is sent to Lengow does not allow this action.


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