Check imported products

What is it?

This step enables you to check whether your products have been successfully imported or not during the very first catalog upload.

How does it work?

  • On the left hand side, a preview of all products after the product catalogue is initially loaded.
    • Search for the products that you are interested in by using the search engine.
    • Click on a product to view all values imported for it.
  • On the right, there is a table that shows:
    • New products detected (when the catalogue is first imported, the entire catalogue is shown here).
    • Updated products (if any one of the product's values have been changed since the last importation).
    • Products deleted since the last importation.
    • Duplicate products - based on the product ID (which is taken from the "Product ID" field in the "Lengow Matching" process). Lengow retains the original of the duplicate product in the product catalogue.
    • Products generating errors if one of the critical fields is left blank (product ID, category, price); or if there is an extra line break, any affected products are deleted from launching.

At this level, you can:

  • view the relevant products in detail.
  • carry out a new import operation.

Lengow's advice

  • If your product catalogue contains products in an error status, correct the errors directly in your product catalogue or back office and then try to re-import them.
  • If your products are already online, apply corrections as quickly as possible in order to be able to continue to offer products online that are available for sale!

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